Beast Fest

Beast Fest for 2013 has been cancelled

It is with great disappointment that we needed to cancel Beast Fest.

We know that you have all been great supporters of Beast Fest and you were, like all of us, looking forward to this event. Unfortunately we had to make the difficult decision to cancel Beast Fest.

We hope to regroup and move ahead for next year. We do plan on having smaller events through out the year to celebrate and support local ranchers and sustainable farming.

We would like to thank all those who were working with us on this event and share our disappointment. It is impossible to mention everyone but I would like to thank Zaarly and the local Zaarly vendors, Yellow Leaf Cupcake Company, The Mediterranean Inn, and Bell Harbor.

Thank you for your kind understanding and support.

Beast Fest is real meat & real ranchers,
not corporate meat products!

Beast Fest celebrates the men and women who get their hands dirty working together to raise  the cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens and bison on local, sustainable farms and ranches right here in the Pacific Northwest.

Beast Fest is real music, not top 40!

Real food demands real music like Austin’s original Country Outlaw and rock n’ roll grifter Ray Wylie Hubbard. A real celebration is the reunion of Seattle’s legendary hatless country quintet The Picketts with their defiant devotion to rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and swing.

Beast Fest is responsible,
not shrink-wrapped!

Beast Fest celebrates the nose to tail practice of using the whole animal, not shrink-wrapping the prettiest cuts and throwing the rest away.

Beast Fest is slow,
flavorful and unique!

Animals fed grass and natural foods are healthier, better for the environment and the taste better. Taste the difference at Beast Fest with pork sliders, BBQ Pork and the world famous Pot PigsTM from BB Ranch. Join the VIP Ranch to PlateTM dinner for a slow food, five course gourmet meal featuring local foods, wines and chai vodka.

Beast Fest is sponsored by BB Ranch and Ranch to Plate™.

BB Ranch, the Pike Place Market butchers who fed local pigs marijuana to produce the world famous Pot Pigs™ has gathered together the best ranchers and farmers in the Pacific Northwest to bring you Beast Fest. Beast Fest benefits Ranch to Plate and other nonprofits dedicated to local, sustainable food production.

Beast Fest will be at Seattle’s Pier 66, September 21, 2013. 


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